Onsite Engineering, PLLC is a leading engineering and design firm that specializes in onsite wastewater treatment systems for small communities, commercial and residential clients.

Lead engineer Eric E. Murdock, P.E. has been completing environmental designs throughout New York State since 1994. His wastewater treatment engineering expertise extends from conventional onsite wastewater treatment systems to the more sophisticated and higher performance Alternative Treatment Units. Eric’s background as the Project Manager for the EPA's National Community Decentralized Wastewater Demonstration Project at Skaneateles Lake enabled him to develop positive relationships within the US EPA, NYS Department of Health, NYS DEC, WERF, NOWRA and with numerous NYS County Health Departments.

Onsite Engineering’s designs provide wastewater treatment performances equal to or greater than central treatment plants and small packaged treatment plants while allowing for treated effluent reuse wherever possible. Onsite Engineering also provides expert alternative decentralized wastewater treatment engineering studies for small communities, developers, and civil engineering firms.

The map above shows recent projects Onsite Engineering has completed throughout New York State and New England.