Onsite Engineering is a leading Engineering and Design firm that specializes in Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems for Small Communities, Commerical and Residential clients. Eric Murdock, P.E. is the founder of Onsite Engineering. He is widely recognized as one of the leading experts on Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems in the USA.

Eric Murdock, P.E. has been completing environmental designs throughout New York State since 1994. Our wastewater treatment engineering expertise extends from conventional onsite wastewater treatment systems to the more sophisticated and higher performance Alternative Treatment Units (ATU).


The above photos show Skaneateles Lake and three of the difficult site properties with successful Alternative Treatment Unit (ATU) installations as part of the EPA NCDW Demo Project at Skaneateles Lake.

Eric Murdock was an engineering pioneer in the planning, selection and installation of ATU in New York State through his leadership position as Skaneateles Lake Demonstration Project Manager. The Skaneateles Lake project was funded by the US EPA and the City of Syracuse.

Please click on this link to see a PDF slide presentation on the Skaneateles Lake Demonstration Project.

Eric's background as the Project Manager for the EPA's National Community Decentralized Wastewater Demonstration Project at Skaneateles Lake enabled him to develop positive relationships within the US EPA, NYS Department of Health, NYS DEC, WERF, NOWRA and with numerous NYS County Health Departments.

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Please click on this link to read "Just the Right Recipe" in the Onsite Installer Magazine February 2013 issue.  The article describes a three unit Clarus Fusion system with a White Knight Treatment system and Infiltrator chambers providing outstanding secondary treatment performance on a small brookside lot. The system serves a large building with a restaurant & bar on the main floor and residential apartments on the second & third floors.

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Please click on this link to see the Adirondack Research Consortium's upcoming April 18, 2012 Agenda which features  Eric Murdock and Bob Eichinger speaking on Alternative Onsite Wastewater Systems and Community Wastewater Systems.

Eric is also a long-time Instructor for the SUNY-Delhi Onsite Training Network (OTN) which provides Onsite Wastewater Treatment training to Architects, Engineers, Elected Officials, Regulators and Contractors. Please click the following link for the OTN website.


Please contact Eric Murdock at WP #315-254-6891 or email him or contact Bob Eichinger at WP #845-803-1571 or email him and let us help you with your wastewater treatment project.